Custom Design, Product Partnerships and Branding.

Here at Eclipse we not only provide bespoke designed ready to go products but also do custom design and manufacture. 

We can provide to you cradle to grave product development utilizing the latest in design tools.

Elipse Toys has manufacturing facilities in the southern region of China, and a full time staff in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Our approach to your design and manufacturing process is strengthened by our ability to communicate effectively and directly with our own people.

Other services we can provide include packaging and promotion. Add video production if required and you see we are well suited to assist you.

Finally, we have extensive expertise in sales and promotion and can be instrumental in making the final and most important step of getting your product to market a sucess.


Our president, Rob Romash, has over 25 years of professional design and prototype model-making experience having worked at Larami, Hasbro, Professional Prototypes, Gravity Hobby and Mattel.

Starting with Super Soaker development in the early 90’s he has worked on the highest value properties in the toy biz such as Barbie, Matchbox, Tyco RC, Hot Wheels, Estes Flying products and many others.

Rob specializes in flying toys. and has likely participated in or consulted on many of the flying products lining store shelves today. Rob has been building and designing flying models since the age of 4, literally! He is often called in during product shots to make sure they fly just the right way for the shoot. His hand is actually quite famous!


Outside the business, he has progressed in the flying model hobby area to many national championships. He has proudly been a team-member of 4 USA Indoor Free Flight gold medal National teams.

If you want someone who knows flight from a lifelong successful hobby side to a lifelong toy biz mass market manufacturing and prototyping side, he is hands down the best in the biz for flight.


Rob is a master model maker.

To get a feel for his expertise, please take a look at what he does in his spare time making hand-made models.

Also, check in on him at his LinkedIn page

If you have a finished product that needs cross quoting or development or a high value license that needs some products gaps filled we can help.

At Eclipse Toys, we value integrity.  Feel confident reaching out to us as we discuss items descreetly under our or your NDA.

If you would like to brand any of our products for distribution, we would happily invite a conversation on what it takes to make that possible.


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